Five minutes with Jacob from Mr Tucker.


Tell us a little about your journey and what led you to what you are doing today.

After a decade of working for marketing and event agencies, my love for cooking and dreams of one day having a little place of my own couldn’t hide any longer! I took the leap and opened Pocket Cafe, nearly five years on and I have never looked back!

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You recently opened Mr Tucker, in the same precinct as Pocket Cafe in North Melbourne – offering amazing coffee and delicious baked goods, just to name a few! When developing the design of the fit-out for your new space what were your inspirations and goals?

When we first looked at the space – imagination was key! It has been very neglected for many years so we really wanted to transform the space into a clean, light, bright and welcoming place. Looking back now its quiet a transformation and definitely achieved what we set out to do.

I’m proud of my DIY ability! This year has seen me renovate not only Mr Tucker, and our country property – The Barn, Heathcote. Both were amazing transformations where the majority of work was DIY! Exhausting but rewarding!

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A great day begins with

A great coffee of course!

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The last song I listened to on repeat was

Is it bad that it is an ex One Direction member? It was earlier in the year but that would be Strip That Down – Liam Payne. In my defence, it has been a busy year!

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The next place I want to travel

India. It has been on my list of places to visit for many years as I want a decent amount of time to explore. Hopefully soon!

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Happiness is

Relaxing with a good cheeseboard and a glass of wine!

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My favourite Space to Create piece is

Terrazzo everything! Absolutely loving our tables and high-bar benches!

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