This month we spend five minutes with Amanda Magliano from Red Fox Runs.


Tell us about your journey and what led you to opening Red Fox Runs in Hawthorn.

We found a lot of our Peninsula customers resided in Melbourne most of the year, so we wanted to keep in touch with them by opening the Hawthorn store. When we saw the Old Motor Mechanics Garage become available for rent, we snapped it up! It was the perfect combination of space, high visibility and character! The Space showcases the products so well and we have been able to pop the cafe in creating an amazing lifestyle concept store. We love it!

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Dinner destination?

We have been checking out different eateries lately on the Peninsula, and I have to say you’re never disappointed at D.O.C Pizza, but most recently we love Assaggini Wine & Tapas Bar in Mornington for traditional Italian fare made with love.

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The last song I listened to on repeat was..

It’s funny I don’t listen to music often, sometimes I just need clear thoughts & I enjoy quiet.

The last song on repeat was probably ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ by Muse. I listened to it to get pumped on the drive to work.

Red Fox Runs - Eight

What are you excited about this year?

I’m excited about new products hitting the stores & expanding our own brand! My life never stops, opportunities are around every corner!

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The next place I want to travel to is..

I loved Paris but think I’d love to get lost in Rome next. I love the Architecture that comes with old buildings, so much craftsmanship. I’m constantly in awe.

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My favourite space to be creative is..

I would have to say my sofa at night, usually late. That’s when my ideas spring to mind!

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My favourite Space to Create piece is..

I love the shape of the Pop Bar Stools. They hug your bum like a warm embrace & break up the rectangular shapes that most kitchens have, I love mixing circular shapes with rectangles – it’s the perfect combination! Sounds a bit crazy but it works.

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