Fri 20 Oct | Interview

During a short escape for some client visits and inspiration and sunshine hunting,
we took 5 minutes with the lady behind the fabulousness that is the Byron Beach Abodes, Taliah Lowry:

What inspired you to start Byron Beach Abodes?

Our love and passion for buying realestate and renovating . Byron beach abodes was a bi product of being able to afford to make it a viable venture.


What are your favourite trends of the moment? 

Interiors – Dark moody colours and textures

Food – nourishing bowls – I’m addicted!

Events – outside relaxed events in nature

Weddings – barn weddings – rustic and relaxed


Where do you go / look for inspiration?

Pinterest, our own travel adventures and Instagram


A great day begins with…a good morning cuddle with my three boys followed by a cup of tea and then an extra hot latte after school drop off.

The last song I listened to on repeat was PRINCE, A case of you. Followed by The Cure, Close to me.  I’m a little old school…. and sentimental.


Colours that catch my eye at the moment
 are deep tones of charcoal, black, midnight blues and greys…
wanting to create some moody interiors next.


I’m proud of
my three boys. Each very different in their own ways but all have a strong base of respect,
compassion and thoughtfulness way beyond their years.

Next place I want to travel is Europe.  I would love to spend a year being a travelling gypsy in Europe with my family. One day…

Next stop is New Zealand for us for a year away as an adventure and semi break from some very busy and intense past few years of business.


Happiness is
being with my family and travelling – anywhere and everywhere excites me. Love seeing the world from my boys’ eyes.
I also gain most of my inspiration from our travels for my design projects.

My favourite Space to Create piece is definitely the Loop arm chair – we have it at The Chalet.
Such a great piece that sets the mood of any space. Chic and comfortable.





Space to Create

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